Hold On To Your Wallet

It is not even 2017 and yet gas stations can’t wait till then. In Woodstock it is now $1.10 a litre, don’t forget that is an increase of almost 60 cents a gallon. One reason they went metric is so we think in smaller sizes. If gas went up 50 cents a gallon years ago, somebody would have been lynched. If you wake up tomorrow and it is a $1.15 a litre or more it is not a bad dream but a nightmare right from Winnie and Nohope. 🙂

That will cost me about $5-10 a week or over $200 a year and that is only the start. Everything that is produced, moves or imported will increase in price.


POVERTY is the new norm in Ontario for seniors and low-income people while politicians stuff their faces and pockets.

Can a revolution be that far away?

I Knew Both Were Coming…..

It is the last day of 2016 and another year will be here. I knew that was coming but also knew the one thing for sure when you own a computer is sooner or later it is going to have a mind of its own and refuse to work. I guess it figured since it was the last day of the year, today was a good time. It crashed while I was in the middle of doing a video, guess it did not like it.

So most of today will be spent fixing it as it has all my files needed for the many web sites I do as well as the online magazine. Not too worried as I have most files backed up but my main computer has all the software needed to create most of the new files.

I am presently working on my laptop which has all my email as well as most things needed but harder to do. Oh well could always be worse.

More snow expected tonight but nothing too extreme.

If I don’t update this have a great 2017.

Shovel Time Again……

Another blanket of snow with storm warnings for the area. Remember this is “heart attack” weather so take it easy. At least it seems to be the light variety this morning and not that “cement heavy” type. Off to get some photos and video of trains and other things in the snow. Have a great day.

Carbon Tax is Nothing but a TAX GRAB

January 1st should be an exciting time as a New Year arrives but this year it brings with it Premier Wynne’s un-needed and un-just Cap and Trade Tax Grab. I see some gas stations can’t wait and have already raised their prices by about 6 cents. Better fill up as it will go up another 4-6 on Jan 1st. The carbon tax will also be subject to HST, isn’t that ducky?

I don’t see my CPP going up by 5% to cover this extra $30 a month coming out of my pocket. The sad part this has nothing to do with Climate Change and all about taking more out of our pockets. Canada is GHG neutral or even in the negative value as out huge forested area cleans more pollution out of the air than we produce.Also did not all this wind power and solar power we are getting ripped of for supposed to reduce our carbon footprint?

The rest of the world will be building over 80 new coal-fired powerplants between now and 2020. The Philippines alone is building 25 of them. China and Russia also have new ones planned. Does it make sense to penalize the ones who are not the problem to make up for those that do not care?

President Elect Trump has no plans for anything as silly so with Ontario sky-high hydro prices and now a carbon tax, 2017 promises to be a very bad year for taxpayers and Ontario as industry heads to more favourable locations.

So sad Ontario, once the powerhouse of Canada is now a HAVE NOT province and we have not hit bottom yet.

Lied To Again

The weather people promised Sunshine most of the day but looks like even with $1000 of dollars of high-tech equipment they can’t even get it right fo the next 12 hours. Nothing but cloud out there again and it does not look like it is going away. 😦


Another day that looks like the last 5 with dull and grey skies  and more to come, only difference it is not raining. I can see why people get down if they don’t have anything to fill their time.

I have already spent 90 minutes updating web pages for the online magazine I do and now plan to head out and try taking some infrared photos. Good day to play with black and white images and get creative. Might also hook up with a few friends for coffee. Always something to do

My new video camera it not as good as I thought it might be but  should have known for $69 can it really be as good as my $450 camera? Onto plan “B” and I am going to buy the new Panasonic at $500 but it is HD and gets 5 star reviews. I had looked at 4K but it is still new and a bit pricey at about $1000 for a basic model. If I was doing professional video I might look at it but it uses huge amounts of memory as the video is twice as large as HD.

My YouTube channel generates enough income each month I will have it paid for in less than 5 months.panasonic770

If I am going to shoot video I want it to be the best I can produce or why bother. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

Enjoy the day and will let you know if I have any surprise adventures today. 🙂

Arrival Of The Blahs

This is the time of the year when the Christmas rush is over and the fmarcellabeachirst of the winter blah seasons sets in. We now have had a taste of winter and now realize we still have another 3 months to go. If that does not depress you nothing will. Of course we will snap out of it until the second season arrives in March when the winter just seems like it will never end. So don’t feel to down as you need to save some of those winter blah feelings for March.

Of course there are those that cope much better than some of us do. My daughter seems to just fly through winter and takes it all in stride. She is a teacher so gets the Christmas Break and then the March break to build up her resistance. Having two sons, well three as her husband also need looking after to keep her busy. I am not sure how she manges. Here is a photo she send me of her looking after them on Christmas day.

Such a tough life. 🙂

VIA Surprise.

snowmanI was in taking photos of VIA 80 and 71 this morning in Woodstock Ontario and the VIA SM came up to me and gave me a chocolate snowman courtesy of VIA.  I thought that was nice of her.

Tasted good too. 🙂

A New Start

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus and we should also look at as a chance to have a bit of a re-birth ourselves. I am sure we all have something we could change to make us a better person and what better day than today to start. I know I can be a better person and not be so critical of others and will try to do my best to improve. Maybe volunteer and share some of my computer and photography experience with others. I also know my patience level needs a tune up and have to realize not everyone operates at the same speed. Those our just some of the things I need to be better at. Think of what you need to improve and plan to start today? I am sure you will feel and be a better person if you do.


Twas The Night Before Christmas

Another Christmas is here and on the day before it people are busy getting ready, wrapping presents and visiting friends. Those that have families and those that love then should feel blessed and never take them for granted. Many people will spend  Christmas alone and ask why they are not that lucky. I ask myself the same question as when I was young growing up I could see myself being successful and having a family and enjoying the good life. Somewhere along my life path things went off the rails and I am now outside looking in at others who have those things.

I guess I could feel down and cheated by that is too easy. I am blessed in my own way as I have a comfortable life, have everything I want and most of all have my health. Money does you no good if you are sick and really can’t enjoy life. Being single does have its advantages and I will keep busy working on things that I enjoy doing. That may sound selfish but works for me. I guess that is why I prefer to be on my own at this time and not visit family and have to be reminded of what I consider my failures.

I am a bit envious of those that have the life I imagined I hoped to have but am happy for you and wish you continued happiness and good health. Life may not be fair and we have to deal with the hand we were dealt. How we deal with it directly affects our way of life. I prefer to be happy for the things I have and not dwell on the things I don’t as you can’t change the past but only the future.


Sending Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and hope Santa is good to you.