Another day that looks like the last 5 with dull and grey skies  and more to come, only difference it is not raining. I can see why people get down if they don’t have anything to fill their time.

I have already spent 90 minutes updating web pages for the online magazine I do and now plan to head out and try taking some infrared photos. Good day to play with black and white images and get creative. Might also hook up with a few friends for coffee. Always something to do

My new video camera it not as good as I thought it might be but  should have known for $69 can it really be as good as my $450 camera? Onto plan “B” and I am going to buy the new Panasonic at $500 but it is HD and gets 5 star reviews. I had looked at 4K but it is still new and a bit pricey at about $1000 for a basic model. If I was doing professional video I might look at it but it uses huge amounts of memory as the video is twice as large as HD.

My YouTube channel generates enough income each month I will have it paid for in less than 5 months.panasonic770

If I am going to shoot video I want it to be the best I can produce or why bother. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

Enjoy the day and will let you know if I have any surprise adventures today. 🙂

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