Carbon Tax is Nothing but a TAX GRAB

January 1st should be an exciting time as a New Year arrives but this year it brings with it Premier Wynne’s un-needed and un-just Cap and Trade Tax Grab. I see some gas stations can’t wait and have already raised their prices by about 6 cents. Better fill up as it will go up another 4-6 on Jan 1st. The carbon tax will also be subject to HST, isn’t that ducky?

I don’t see my CPP going up by 5% to cover this extra $30 a month coming out of my pocket. The sad part this has nothing to do with Climate Change and all about taking more out of our pockets. Canada is GHG neutral or even in the negative value as out huge forested area cleans more pollution out of the air than we produce.Also did not all this wind power and solar power we are getting ripped of for supposed to reduce our carbon footprint?

The rest of the world will be building over 80 new coal-fired powerplants between now and 2020. The Philippines alone is building 25 of them. China and Russia also have new ones planned. Does it make sense to penalize the ones who are not the problem to make up for those that do not care?

President Elect Trump has no plans for anything as silly so with Ontario sky-high hydro prices and now a carbon tax, 2017 promises to be a very bad year for taxpayers and Ontario as industry heads to more favourable locations.

So sad Ontario, once the powerhouse of Canada is now a HAVE NOT province and we have not hit bottom yet.

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