Hold On To Your Wallet

It is not even 2017 and yet gas stations can’t wait till then. In Woodstock it is now $1.10 a litre, don’t forget that is an increase of almost 60 cents a gallon. One reason they went metric is so we think in smaller sizes. If gas went up 50 cents a gallon years ago, somebody would have been lynched. If you wake up tomorrow and it is a $1.15 a litre or more it is not a bad dream but a nightmare right from Winnie and Nohope. 🙂

That will cost me about $5-10 a week or over $200 a year and that is only the start. Everything that is produced, moves or imported will increase in price.


POVERTY is the new norm in Ontario for seniors and low-income people while politicians stuff their faces and pockets.

Can a revolution be that far away?

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