I Am Getting Depressed

The next 7 days only includes a couple of days where there might be some flashes of the SUN but looks like another 7 days of depressing winter weather. How long can we go on without giving in to this way too long stretch of sunless days. I know I am getting near my limit and thinking about going anywhere there is some Sun. My cloud limit is way over its limit.

Winter White

Looks like the mild weather has left and a fresh covering of snow has replaced it. Nothing too serious but it does look like winter out there this morning. Time to head trackside and get some winter shots. Be careful out there as all that wet stuff is now frozen under that white blanket and it may be very slippery in places.

This Movie Sucks

Every morning its seems like the same movie playing with grey gloomy skies and no hope for anything different. Looking at the future forecast it show at least another 8 days of this depressing weather. What did we do to piss off Mother Nature this much. When this does finally break we better get about a month of sunshine or we will all be going postal. Try and have a great day.

Enough Already

I feel like I am living in a fog where everyday is started with it and grey skies. Enough already. Why is Mother Nature being so mean. Is it her way of showing woman power and supporting the women’s march. Well you have made your point, time to let us out of the foghouse and bring on the sunshine. I know women do hold a grudge so we may have to wait another couple of days. 😦

Fog Off

Enough already with this weather. What did we do to deserve this gloom day after day?  I can see why people get depressed at this time of the year. Thankfully I have lots to keep me busy but even I am starting to feel down. We need some Sun and lots of it.NOW


Life can be good but can also be bad. Days that never seem to end of clouds and the depressing winter weather. Dogs barking at all hours of the day and night owned by rude people. Loud trucks roaring by and the stresses of everyday life. It is a wonder we all don’t go postal.

All it takes is a day of bright sunshine to pick up the spirits and make life a happy place. Lets hope some of them will be here soon as my tolerance meter it just about ready to explode. Try and have a good day.

A Mushrooms Life

Another day of cloudy, dull skies and depressing weather. Now I know how a mushroom feels being kept in the dark all day. Rain, fog and mainly cloudy weather the rest of the week to look forward to. I can’t wait. 😦