I Am Getting Depressed

The next 7 days only includes a couple of days where there might be some flashes of the SUN but looks like another 7 days of depressing winter weather. How long can we go on without giving in to this way too long stretch of sunless days. I know I am getting near my limit and thinking about going anywhere there is some Sun. My cloud limit is way over its limit.

3 thoughts on “I Am Getting Depressed

  1. Yes that sucks for a lot of people Walter, my wife included but for some reason, it doesn’t affect me … I don’t mind when it’s cloudy or rainy etc I just look at them as variations in the weather .. But I will say, that the sun is shining brightly here in London right now … 11:20 am Monday Jan 30 and it has been shining for quite some time this morning, so I will try and send some your way Walter.

  2. Your good thoughts worked Raymond, well at least for a while. I headed out at 8 am as the Sun was starting to show up. headed to Lihou west of Ingersoll. Sun was out and caught VIA 71 at about 8:30 then nothing for over two hours. The Sun was now gone and it was starting to snow so almost left but the detector at Dorchester went off and knew it must be CN 148, the intermodal as I heard it was at Komoka at about 8:45. As soon as it went by the snow got real heavy so headed home after a few choice words. Figured just go home and watch a movie. Heard OSR was leaving Ingersoll so decided to catch them at a new location I discovered. Then took a drive to Woodstock but dark and gray so headed home. As I approached Beachville the Sun came out thanks to you so headed back to Ingersoll in time to catch CN 394 in the sunshine. Spirits were lifted so back to Woodstock to check CP. Nothing going on so off to McD’s for coffee and a muffin. After that some shopping, used my PC points so $22 worth of good stuff for $2, free is good. So it was a okay day after all. BUT No Sun now until Saturday with snow flurries and -8 to -12 temps all week.:-( Better check the flights from London to Florida before I go postal. 🙂

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