3 Steps Backward But Only 1 Step Forward

I see the gremlins are still hanging around me.

Sunday I attended a 50th wedding anniversary of some friends and had been asked to do some video and take photos. I checked all the equipment, made sure everything was charged and the day went very smooth. I decided to use my new video camera to do the video and it seemed to work perfectly. About 1/2 through the day for some reason I also decided to shoot video with my old camera.

Here is where the gremlins come in.gremlin

1st Step Backwards – When I started working on the video the first 30 video clips were fine but the last 30 were unreadable and I was unable to use them. Working on saving them some how. Not sure why I did but sure glad I took backup video using my old camera which was fine.

2nd Step Backwards -I then put another older SC card in the camera as I knew Ontario Southland was coming and figured I would shoot them as they went by. Checked the camera and set it up. I heard the train coming about an hour later and raced to the window and tuned on the camera and to my horror there was an error message saying to turn off the camera and restart. Problem was the camera would not turn off. I had to remove the battery but the train had now gone by.

3rd Step Backwards – I needed a break and wanted to buy a new high-speed SD card so headed to Woodstock. The first left turn I make out of my apt I noticed the turn signal blinking double speed which meant one of the bulbs was burnt out. Stopped and checked and it had to be the back one. Off to CTC to buy a replacement. I figured it was going to be a nightmare changing the bulb as the guys who build them usually don’t make it easy.

1 Step Forward – Opened the rear hatch and saw there was a removable hatch, took it off and turned the socket assembly and there was the bulb. Took 5 minutes to change and only $5.49 for two. Used my CTC money so it was basically free.

Still two behind on the day.

I Have Seen This Movie

And it did not like it the first time. I received my new camera last Wednesday and angry_man_cartoonthe only day with sunshine was Sunday and I was busy all day so still have not had a chance to really give it a test to see what it can do. Next two days are rain and freezing rain so another write off.

Feet Up Butt Down

Busy day. Up at 7 am, answered email, headed trackside till noon then did video and photos of some friends 50th wedding anniversary to 4 pm. Home in time to catch Green Bay beat the Dallas Cowboys. Now watching KC and the Steelers.

Dreams Do Come True

The other night as I was dreaming of the good life one thing kept passing through the dream and it was having a chocolate bar. I had bought some earlier the day and the thought of enjoying one I guess was bouncing around in my mind.


About 3 am I had to get up for a call to nature, a regular occurence when you get older, and could not resist any longer. I sat down and ate a chocolate bar and it was delicious.

I went back to bed and never thought about chocolates bars again that night.

Tax Trauma

The addition of the carbon tax Jan 1st that caused gasoline to jump 12 cents in 10 days and now the impending hydro bill with it added and it is no wonder more seniors are using food banks in record numbers. Nohope and Winbag both with over flowing bank accounts courtesy of Canadian taxpayers  don’t care and I am not even sure have the mental capacity to understand how they our killing my Canada.

Time to Bring on the Revolution.

80% is Better Than 20%

Just when I think I have this thing on the run it seems to jump up and grab me again. I still think I am winning but it is 2 steps forward then 1 step back so eventually I will win out. The weather is not helping but at least mild. Cold tomorrow but maybe some Sun.

Received my new video camera but now need to figure how to use it. Took some video but not happy but I am sure once the Sun shows up it will be great. I have a 50th Wedding Anniversary to video this Sunday but will use two camera or maybe even 3 to make sure I do not screw it up. 🙂

Good Nose Today

Just about back to normal. Actually slept pretty good last night and could breathe through my nose without it hurting. Feel pretty good today so can get on with living.

All that rain sure washed away most of the snow and with above freezing temps today should not be much left by tomorrow. The Sun is even scheduled to make an appearance today but will still be windy.fingerinnose

Heading trackside to see if anything interesting rolling by.

Enjoy your day.

Maybe There Is a Stage 4?

Better today but sinuses still feel like raw hamburg. I have added some containers of water on top of the rads to add some humidity to the apt. I would buy a humidifier but can’t afford the hydro to run it thanks to the winbag government. I have lived here 6 years and it never seemed to bother me before. I guess 6 years ago I was also younger and maybe better to handle it.

Weather not nice outside with snow and high winds coming. Good day to stay in. The beauty of being retired is I don’t have to go anywhere and have food and lots to keep me busy here.modeltrain

I am working on building a small model railroad on a 4 X 4 sheet of plywood. I have a layout in the hall but it is only 1 foot wide by 18 feet long so cannot run the locomotives very much and they need to run to keep working properly.

Keep warm and be careful if you go out.