Drugs Are Good

Just drove to Ingersoll to get a super larger size bottle of Tylenol so should be good to go for a few days. Bonus free small coffee at MacDonald’s. Home now and trying to find a comfortable position to sit it. Got my XBMC so 1000’s of movies and shows to watch on my 55″ flat screen so I am good. A wake up call for sure. I am usually over-cautious but this time ignored my own policy and paid for it. Hopefully I will be “stupid free” for the rest of the year.

This Must Be Hell

I think when I did my back flip into the frozen group I moved, stretched, relocated or just plain bruised most of my internal organs and every part of my chest and back I knew about and a whole bunch I never. Just thinking about moving hurts, never mind actually doing it. Blowing your nose, reaching for anything, doing things that are taken for granted now become an exercise in mind over pain to do them.

I am just glad everything still works like it did before even though it involves large doses of pain.ย  Years ago a few days and I would have been good as new but now after seventy things take much longer. I think today will be the “road back” day as everything that hurt should start healing and by Friday when I have my annual checkup I might be able to walk into his office and not look like ” a crooked old man”.

I do have to go out and get some pain killers as have gone through everything I had. Maybe a little stretching might do some good, here is hoping.:-)

Be Careful Out There

Train Chasing Is Dangerous

Today started out just fine getting up at 6 am and working on the CRO newsletter for about 4 hours and getting a lot done. Headed trackside and parked at one of my favorite spots in Woodstock hoping to catch CN 148 intermodal train. Pretty quite for about an hour and had the scanner on so figured I would hear any train eastbound at theย  scanner at 53.3 about 3 miles away.

We had some light snow overnight but most of it was melting with the Sun shinning.

Nothing on the scanner but all of a sudden I heard a train and jumped out of the car, grabbed the SLR and video cameraย  and headed to where I wanted to shoot from. There was a small incline as I approached that spot and tried to stop as I was going a bit too fast.

I guess the ground was still frozen and both feet slide out and I went down very hard flat on my back.and hit very hard. I tried to protect my cameras so no chance to try and protect myself. I hit so hard that my arms and legs both went numb and pain shot through my back. First think that scared my was the loss of feelings in my arms and legs. I immediately tried to move them and was relieved when feeling slowly came back. I was in an area where there was nobody so was not expecting any help. I managed to get to my feet using the tripod but could hardly move.

Decided not to go to emergency a I figured just bruised my back and rib cage and not much they could do anyway. Struggled to get my cameras and managed to get into my car and get home. After much grimacing and groaning made it into my apartment. Figured I would give it some time and if got worse would head to the hospital. Took a number of pain pills and headed to bad. Been about 4 hours since I fell and my back is stiff and sore but most of the pain is in the front where the sternum is. More pain pills and I think I will survive as probably bruised and damaged places I did not know I had.

It could have been much worse so will be thankful my own stupidity did not result in something worse. Just have to suffer the next couple of days. Have an appointment with my doctor on Friday so hopefully can survive till them.

I did manage to ignore the pain long enough to set up the video camera and take some photos of the train so not all bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care out there. I have to start following my own advice.

Oh Goodie

Another day of gloom and rain, just what I wanted. Warm temperatures sure but I would prefer cold and bright sunshine any day.

I think this has to be our PM`s fault. he has screwed Canada up so much even Mother Nature is depressed.

Lots of videos from the US trip to do and look at all that sunshine and nice weather. Planning another trip already to chase that sunshine. ๐Ÿ™‚

What Was I Thinking?

Came back from a great week in the USA that had lots of sunshine and warm weather. A couple of days of sunshine but not too warm weather here and now back to clouds, rain and lousy weather. Living in southern Ontario has its advantages but because of the lakes we get trapped by these bad weather inversions.

My spirits were high but are dropping fast looking at the forecast for the next week.


Guess time to plan another trip to sunny Ohio.

Single File Stupidity

Which idiot came up with the idea when you got to a multi stall car wash or a multi lane gas station we all line up like sheep and the front person races to the next place that comes open. People are lined up into the street instead of just pulling into one of the lanes and wait your turn. Who cares if you have to wait a couple of minutes until you move in your lane. Why do they think they built it them with multiple lanes?ย  First time I experienced it there were about 8 cars in a line and I said to hell with this and drove around them and into aย  line behind a person that was filling their car.

Next thing I knew this guy is pounding on my window and yelling at me and asking what the hell I was doing. I told him doing what you are supposed to do and he swore at me and walked away still hurling insults. I just smiled, waited till the guy in front was finished pulled up and filled my car. I will continue to do that and let all the other morons wait in line. ๐Ÿ™‚ It just defies trying to make sense of it.

Home Sweet Home

I enjoy going away but also enjoy coming home to my own bed and surrounding. The HHR just zipped along even at 70 mph.Drove over 1400 km and used about $45 in gas. ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course only $1,99 a gallon and even with the poor Canadian dollar still pretty cheap. Trip was almost ruined as I approached the Ambassador bring the line up started on the USA side but it turned out traffic was help up by construction and not volume, only took about 15 minutes to get over the bridge and 5 minutes at Canadian Custom.

Just east of Tillbury a tractor-trailer jackknifed and was right in the middle of the westbound 401. Traffic jam stretched for about 5 miles as they had closed the highway. Grabbed this photo as I blew by.


They should have dragged it off the highway instead of blocking the highway for hours.

Homeward Bound

The week sure went fast. Nice weather most days and lots of sunshine. Visited Attica, Bucyrus and Marion yesterday. Plan to spend an hour in Bellevue then Fostoria, quick stop in Toledo then home. At least sunny days forecast for home, not 60’s but will take them.

This morning Beachville 15F high 37F

Bellevue 32F high 54F and sun starting to come up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not Another Selfie

I don’t consider these selfies as to me they are just pictures with me in them. Just thought posting some of the places I visited with a historic items in them. This the Bucyrus Train Station in Bucyrus Ohio. Fostoria then home tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least the weather at home looks pretty good. bucyrus-ohio-feb-16-2017