Single File Stupidity

Which idiot came up with the idea when you got to a multi stall car wash or a multi lane gas station we all line up like sheep and the front person races to the next place that comes open. People are lined up into the street instead of just pulling into one of the lanes and wait your turn. Who cares if you have to wait a couple of minutes until you move in your lane. Why do they think they built it them with multiple lanes?  First time I experienced it there were about 8 cars in a line and I said to hell with this and drove around them and into a  line behind a person that was filling their car.

Next thing I knew this guy is pounding on my window and yelling at me and asking what the hell I was doing. I told him doing what you are supposed to do and he swore at me and walked away still hurling insults. I just smiled, waited till the guy in front was finished pulled up and filled my car. I will continue to do that and let all the other morons wait in line. 🙂 It just defies trying to make sense of it.

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