This Must Be Hell

I think when I did my back flip into the frozen group I moved, stretched, relocated or just plain bruised most of my internal organs and every part of my chest and back I knew about and a whole bunch I never. Just thinking about moving hurts, never mind actually doing it. Blowing your nose, reaching for anything, doing things that are taken for granted now become an exercise in mind over pain to do them.

I am just glad everything still works like it did before even though it involves large doses of pain.  Years ago a few days and I would have been good as new but now after seventy things take much longer. I think today will be the “road back” day as everything that hurt should start healing and by Friday when I have my annual checkup I might be able to walk into his office and not look like ” a crooked old man”.

I do have to go out and get some pain killers as have gone through everything I had. Maybe a little stretching might do some good, here is hoping.:-)

Be Careful Out There

2 thoughts on “This Must Be Hell

  1. I’m so sorry Walter that you are feeling like this but I’m sure each day you will feel much better … I didn’t want to say anything the other day as I’m usually a very positive person when making comments but my experience in the medical field of over 30 years … one usually feels much worse the second and subsequent days after a slip and fall like this especially in mature adults like us Walter … I didn’t want to say old … feel better soon Walter and “be careful out there” … I’m sure you will be just fine in a short time.

  2. Yes, Ray, I figured the tearing and brusing that went on would be worse the second day. I guess when I landed on my back every muscle and cartlidge took a real jolt and are now telling me how mad they are. I am sure by weekend I will be fine. No complications so that is good. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

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