Happy Me

Nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures today. I was at Greenwich and Willard yesterday and will hit Attica and Bucyrus today was well as Bellevue. Here is a shot from Tuesday and what the next couple days will look like. 🙂 Bellevue Ohio Feb 14bellevue-feb-14-2017

Now This Is More Like It

Almost hate to come home when I see a forecast like this. I do see Beachville looks like it might also get some Sun but will be about 10 degrees cooler but I can live with that.

Here is Bellevue for the next 8 days. No rain, no snow just lots of sunshine 🙂


Time To Get On With Living

When we were young, politics were something we did not pay attention to and just enjoyed life. We never did things that raised our blood pressure, created stress for ourselves or generally made us miserable.

Now it seems we go out of our way to do those things and make ourselves unhappy.

Coming to the USA this week, the border was the same, travelling through Michigan and Ohio everything was the same. People smiled and said hello, others went about their daily business and the only thing different but not obvious was the USA has a new President.

I realized 95% of those in the USA have accepted Pres Trump, like him or not and know they get another chance in 4 years. In Canada we can loose sight of what we have and get upset with things that might affect us but in most cases will not.

So instead of concentrating on the negatives things, I will concentrate on the things that make me happy and wait until the next election and a chance to make things better.

That does not mean I will ignore what is going on but will not let the events of todays world control me as it only hurts you and not those you have issues with.

I Found It :-)

After suffering through a horredous January and February looking much the same I decided if the Sun would not come to me, I will go to it.

Headed to the USA and when I hit the border, this bright light was in the sky and stayed there all day. Not a cloud in the sky and the same tomorrow and near 50F.

Even lots of trains. Sure picks up the spirits. Back Friday as sunshine forecast every day.fostoria-railpark-fostoria-ohio-feb-13-2017

It Happened

Just when I thought this depressing weather could not get any worse, it does. Freezing rain, ice pellets, dark gray skies, how nice. This winter is getting to me for sure. Weeks of sunless crappy weather sure makes you feel like hibernating and not waking up till June.

Other areas seem to be enjoying bright sunshine weather but southern Ontario seems to be locked in to this morbid stuff.


When Will it End

Got up early hoping the weather people were wrong but just more gray depressing skies. I know it is winter but what happened to those bright sunny winter days that make you feel glad to be alive? Day after day of this no wonder people are grumpy and ill-tempered.

No Sun forecast until maybe Tuesday  and then only partly sunny.

I don’t know about you but after months of this I am running out of things to do and have lost all motivation to do anything.

I will survive but will not be a happy camper.

There is No Doubt

That the weather is controlled by a women hence the Mother Nature name. She can pick up your spirits by turning on the Sun then in seconds bring you down by bringing on the clouds. She likes to have control and can affect how we feel by a change in her mood in seconds.

We keep giving her another chance hoping she may change but get fooled again and again.

We love her when she brings on the Sun but not so much when she brings us down.


She is really mad at us if you look at only the 48 hours of Sun we got in January and it looks like she is still mad at us. I wish I could be a “snowbird” and escape this part of the year but am one of those that have to suffer. 😦

I Have Seen This Movie

I didn’t like it the first time. Next 10 days cloudy, overcast with only a couple flashes of the sun. I hoped we had left that crap in January but looks like it is now repeating in February. Last year I had been on trips to the USA twice by now and enjoyed sunny days. This year not even 2 days in a row of sunny days. It sucks big time. 😦