Month End Busy

Month end is always busy for me as I am finalizing the 50 page railway newsletter I produce every month. The editor is in Montreal and sends me the word documents and I turn it into an online full feature magazine each month. Just spent 6 hours putting on the finishing touches and updating numerous links. here is a link to a free preview issue if you want to have a look. This is the August issue as it is a subscription service and you need an account to view the latest one.crobannernew2…/augustfreeissue.htm

Looks like the rest of the rain forecast might be slipping south of us. Still looks like another 3-4 days before it start to clear.

Wonder what April Fools joke is lurking around the next corner tomorrow?

Now I Am Getting Depressed

Looks like nothing but doom and gloom till next Wednesday. This is what is coming this morning. March was another lack of sunshine month and April looks like it will be starting out that way.  I guess time to get a head start on spring cleaning. 🙂


Off to the hospital this morning for bone density test. Not sure why I need it as I did one on my own when I slammed into the ground about a month ago and never broke anything. 🙂

My Packets Are Back

Took the modem into Rogers in Woodstock, great service, took about 10 minutes and not only did they replace the modem but gave me the latest one they have just started using. Git work, set it up, took about 5 minutes and back online and my fast speed is back, I am a happy camper.

Thanks Rogers.

Time to Test

Spring is approaching and am looking forward to a long summer of bike ridimanonbikeng and trail walking. I will not let those rude and irresponsible dog owners take away one of the things I enjoy. I carry dog mace and will not hesitate to use it if I feel threatened.

The big “if” will be my back as it aches after standing too long and riding a bike means bending over so will put it to the test this afternoon as they forecast sunny breaks and fairly warm temps.

Packet Problems

Lately my computer has been acting up with videos freezing and slow page loading. Talked to the Rogers Tech Support this morning online and after numerous tests it might be the new Rocket cable modem I upgraded to last November. Going to Woodstock and exchange for another one. Hope it does the trick as I pay for high-speed so expect to get it. I find Rogers easy to deal with as you get almost instant help with their online chat and seem to care.

I will let you know if it worked.

Is It Just Me?

It sure seems like lately we have had more than our share of cloudy dull days. Not only are there more but they seems to come in batches of 3-5 days in a row. Eight of the next 10 days are cloudy and dull or raining. Enough already.


After a dull long winter although not much snow but with January only having 38 hours of sunshine and Feb not much better you would think we would start getting a break.

Just a quick note on my back. Just about back to normal but guess I damaged some cartilage between my ribs and even though it is healing, sure is taking its time. I still get backaches when standing too long but again those large muscles in my back take time to forgive me. Other than that I can’t complain.

Have a great day and try to keep dry.

My Back Still Aches

“Tillsonburg Tillsonburg my back still aches when I hear the word Tillsonburg” – Stomping Tom

Perfect fit as my back is aching.

Got a call this morning of 4 locomotives heading to Tillsonburg with a 30 cars potash train. Since that does not happen very often even though it was raining I headed out and my mind was in overdrive as I was trying to figure out where I could do video and photos in the pouring rain. Lucked out in Ingersoll but can’t tell you where and found a dry spot and then shot from the car in Mount Elgin. In tillsonburg I hid under the old CASO bridge and am now sitting trackside in McDonalds waiting for them to come by.

It would be nice if all these events happened in nice weather but that is part of the challenge of photography as all events do not happen on nice sunny days. I will update with some photos later

A New Career?

I wrote my first article for a railway magazine and was lucky enough to get it published. Not only did it get published but is the feature article in the April issue and my photo was picked as the cover shot. First time for both. April CoverTo say I was pleasantly surprised would be an under statement. Maybe a new career path. 🙂

I worked on my computer that was a bit ill and think I have it fixed. Replaced the thermal paste on the processor that had turned hard over the years and it seemed to fix the problem as it is now not over heating and shutting down the computer.

As far as my body getting fixed, everyday is a bit better as I can now get into my car and in and out of bed without uttering a number of un-repeatable words.

Another sunny day before the rains move in so heading out to enjoy it.


Last Cold Day?

Mother Nature likes to remind us who is in control so gave us a nice day yesterday then pulled the rug out from under us this morning. A little crisp out there with windchill about -13C. The rest of the week is near around 8C or 45F so will take that except rain comes with it and a long stretch of cloudy days. She is just a big tease.


The healing process continues with yesterday being not too bad. Still get pains in my back but switched to carrying my camera on my shoulder and not my neck which seems to help. At least it is getting better so that is a good thing.

Heading to London to-day to pickup s cooling fan for my computer as the one I have seems to be running too slow. Also will enjoy the sunny weather before the rains and clouds move in. Might even get some train watching in. Have a great day.

Time To Give It A Test

Been home 2 days nursing a sore back so time to go out and see if it is any better. getting a little discouraged as I thought I had it beat but it came back and seems to want to stay around. Hopefully it is just a minor set back and not a permanent thing I have to live with.

Sunny and bright so would be a shame to stay inside. Get out and enjoy.