Ouch Time

Beginning to think maybe all that damage I did to my back may not be as temporary as I thought. I have had back pain now for three days in the same spot, almost feels like a pinched nerve or something worse. It never really goes away except with pain pills and lying flat on my back. I hope it is not something permanent. I will see if any changes by the weekend. Sure makes you feel like not doing anything but just trying to find a position it does not hurt. đŸ˜¦


2 thoughts on “Ouch Time

  1. You should see your family Doctor Walter or go to Emerg if you are still having back pain … with the history of your current condition, I’m sure they would do x-rays and treat you accordingly … all the best Walter … we need you back track side so we all can continue to enjoy your great photos and videos!

  2. Wingy Wacky Wally walloped? Oh gawd. You’re lucky you keep in reasonable shape, Walter. Who knows what you loosened up. I can tell you when I slipped off some rocks about 3 years ago I felt every bit as bad as you sound. And it was the rib-cage. Takes a long time to heal those bruises. Don’t let anyone tell you bad jokes. It REALLY hurts when you laugh.
    Good luck, bud.

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