Morning Misery

I have always been a morning person but ever since I rearranged all my internal organs not so much. Last night I tried something new and that was to lay on my back and leave the heating bad on all night. Seemed to work pretty good and hardly any pain so slept pretty good. This morning about 4 am I rolled on to my side which felt okay but was a big mistake. Laying on my back everything settled almost to where it should be but on your side gravity takes over and everything shifts so when you get up everything wants to go back to its normal position. Having said that the pain involved did not see to be as bad so things are getting better. Still lots of parts that seems to be healing although slowly so heading in the right direction. 🙂

I had thought of heading to London today to check out CN & CP as the weather shows mostly sunny but cold with -8C temps but local radio says up to  2-4 cms of snow and cloudy. I will never understand how two weather sources can be so different.weather310

Might just head out and take a chance. I have stayed home before and then was mad when the weather was great even though the forecast was for a cloudy day. This will be the winter of very little snow but also very little sunshine. Only another 8 weeks more of this until Spring. 😦




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