My Back Still Aches

“Tillsonburg Tillsonburg my back still aches when I hear the word Tillsonburg” – Stomping Tom

Perfect fit as my back is aching.

Got a call this morning of 4 locomotives heading to Tillsonburg with a 30 cars potash train. Since that does not happen very often even though it was raining I headed out and my mind was in overdrive as I was trying to figure out where I could do video and photos in the pouring rain. Lucked out in Ingersoll but can’t tell you where and found a dry spot and then shot from the car in Mount Elgin. In tillsonburg I hid under the old CASO bridge and am now sitting trackside in McDonalds waiting for them to come by.

It would be nice if all these events happened in nice weather but that is part of the challenge of photography as all events do not happen on nice sunny days. I will update with some photos later

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