What Gives?

I thought I was well on the road to recovery from my fall and was feeling better everyday and things looked good. Yesterday it was 3 weeks from the unpleasant event and had planned a USA trip but was forced to cancel as I developed a constant dull pain in my back where I think I just bruised my spine but am having second thoughts it is only bruised. Also a few spots in my chest every so often hurt reminding me how hard I man bent overactually hit that frozen ground. Time to get the heating pad out again to see if I can help the healing process. It sure makes you realize prevention should be No 1 as in your seventies healing really is a slow process.

Winter weather just hanging on and teasing us a bit every week with what is coming but like my healing, it is very slow as the forecast is for a cold and wet April and May. Hope they are wrong.

Still working on my computer that I use to power my 42″ flat screen in my bedroom as it shuts off the monitor after about an hour. I think it is a cooling problem but may also be a video card problem. Time to play with it today as no plans to go out today unless the weather improves. Have a great day.

Down For The Count

Plan was to be in Ohio by now and heading for Fostoria but my back had plans of its own so am at home looking out at bright sunshine just to rub it in after the forecast was for clouds. Back ached most of yesterday and figured it would be no fun if it ached liked that and cancelled my plans to head to Cincinnati to see the Barum and Bailey Circus train on one of its last moves.

I thought I was well on the way to recovery after my body slam on the frozen ground but looks like the healing process is still going on and time is my friend and will just have to be patient.

I guess I have to be thankful as it could have been much worse and there will be other chances for other adventures.


No Circus For Me

The mind is wicrying manlling but the body is not. I thought I would be good to go but after about 6 hours my back is aching and needs a rest so the thought of five 12 hours days in a row just is not something that appeals to me. Weather looks like rain so not the greatest weather to be taking photos or video in.

I would have liked to see the Circus Train but I guess it was not to be. 😦

The Devil Did It

Funny how some days everything seems to go wrong. I had tried for two days to edit a video but the software kept freezing. Deleted it and reinstalled, same problem.Left it and tried agin this morning, seems top work so finished it and tried to upload to YouTube. As soon as I go to the folder where it is Firefox crashes. Tried Microsoft edge but it freezes. Figured I will just delete the file and start agin. Nope, computer freezes when I try to delete it. Running virus scan now but don’t think that is the problem.

To add to it the computer I used to watch movies now crashes after being on for a while. May be video card, power supply or maybe overheating. Blew out everything, checked all connections and powered up. Not sure if it is fixed but has been on a couple of hours and still on.

What next? Going out for coffee then need to get ready for my US trip. Back was killing me after about 6 hours yesterday so will have to take it easy. If too nad will just come home early. 😦

Hometown Bound

Off to Dundas and Hamilton this morning. I was born in Hamilton so always feels like going home. Day is forecast to be sunny and just above freezing. Plan to catch the VIA/AMTRAK train, see the new Hamilton West GO station and maybe drop by Bayview. I have not been there for a couple of months so should be fun. I will update later when I get back.


Skunked, Well Almost

No Southern Ontario Railway, either they switched Brantford another day or are frozen to the rails in Hamilton. Did catch a QNSX Quebec North Shore & Labrador locomotive trailing on CN 148 and caught VIA 72 with one of the silver bananas on the bridge in Paris so makes up for it.imagesskunk

Can you say cold? Winds up to 70 km and blowing snow made sure you knew you were not on California.

Back in Woodstock now having a coffee then off to catch OSR at the CP station.

-16C or 4 F

A little crispy this morning. Thinking of heading to Brantford to catch Southern Ontario Railway heading down Clarence Street. A bit cool but if you dress for it should be okay. frozen manForecast is mixed with sunny breaks on one station and clouds and snow on another. I have stayed home before and it turned out great so will go and try my luck.

Not sure what it is but even after 5 years of being retired I still hate staying home as it seems like wasting a day and not sure how many I have left. 🙂

Get out and enjoy everyday.

OOPS :-(

You think as we get older we would know better but that does not seem to be the case with all of us. After suffering a major impact to my body you think I would take it easy but that would be too simple. Yesterday was feeling pretty good so decided to go shovel my parking spot and clean up around the car. Not a great idea as today my back is aching and telling me I was an idiot just because it did not hurt it was okay to shovel.

Okay now I have learned and will take it easy the rest of the week and hope the pain goes away for my USA trip. At least I am not running. 🙂

Pretty Tame

Are we getting soft when they start reporting a normal snow event in Canada as a major storm? Do they forget it is winter and snow and cold come with it. I can remember as a kid living in Hamilton storms that piled up snow so high streets were closed for days, 10 or 20 below zero was normal and now we get hyper about a snowfall. This was Hamilton in 1978.


Now those were the days it really snowed. I doubt I will even have to shovel very much after this “storm” 🙂

Home Stretch

Looks like I am in the final leg of returning to health without and lasting effects. So nice to be able to lay down and get up again without contortions and trying to figure out which way hurts less. Still a little stiffness when I first get up but nothing like before. I am thankful even though it took over 2 weeks as it could have been much longer and much worse.

Looks like the forecast of a major winter storm were a bit off as now it looks like snow with a total accumulation of only about 10 cms or 4 inches over 2 days is what will really show up. I will take it with plus temperatures by the weekend so what we do get will not last. April and May are forecast as cooler than normal but I think we have winter on the run.

Heading to Woodstock to pick up a few groceries and have a coffee. Take Care.