Right Place – Wrong Time

I was up hyped up for today as sunshine forecast for the next 6 days and warm temperatures. Planned for a great day of train chasing. Heading to the VIA station in Woodstock at 7:30 am and started the day by catching VIA 80 then VIA 71 so a pretty good start. Moved to another location but things were pretty quiet. As I sat at the CN tracks I could hear two CP trains go by.  The scanner came to life and it looked like a meet at Coakley so should be two more trains at CP.


Headed to the CP station as I pulled up the CN hot box detector went off so a train on CN but no chance to catch it. I sat at CP for about 30 minutes and nothing so figure I heard wrong. Back to CN and sure enough I hear the first of two CP trains go by so figured the second was around somewhere so back to CP and did catch the second one. Now I knew CN 148 was around some where so back to CN and arrived a few minutes before it did. Caught it then also 385 but things got quiet again. Headed home and as I crossed under the CP tracks a westbound ethanol train blew by.

Scorecard reads total 13 trains, caught 6 missed 7, three with foreign power, caught 0 missed 3 and if my email did not have a mind of its own I would have caught 2 so not a good day. Get home and checked my email and it seems the last update on Firefox it set new trash parameters and all the notices of these hot trains were now going direct to the trash folder. It seems two of the CP has had foreign power and were the once I missed.  So what could have been a great day turned into a disappointing day.

There are only about 40 trains through this area and half of those at night-time so if you miss then, too bad. That is why I go to the USA as Fostoria and Bellevue have almost 100 each day so you just sit trackside and they roll by every 15 minutes. If you miss one, you know there is another right behind. 🙂

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