Ohio Trip Over :-(

I came back a day early as I forgot Friday was a holiday and last time I can home on a holiday weekend it was 2 hours to cross so did not want a repeat of that. Even though I arrived at the border at 2 PM Thursday the lines were getting long and it took 35 minutes to cross. Any later and I would have been much longer. I blame Canadian Customs as they knew it was a long weekend but only had 4 of the 8 lanes open, just dumb.

The highlight of the trip was Wednesday as I got invited to the Norfolk Southern trailer where they are teaching NS engineers about Positive Train Control. I got to sit at a simulator that looks exactly like you would have in a real locomotive and drive a train for about an hour. Had to blow the horn, use the brakes and throttle and adjust for different elevations. Pretty cool and have to thank Steven  Rathke NS engineer for the opportunity to do it. Here is a photo of me outside the trailer.  i will post photos from inside when I receive them in a few days.

me trailer

Time to rest up and work on about 10 hours of video and 800 photos I took. 🙂

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