Hamilton Bound

Off to my hometown to do some train chasing as I have not been down there for months. I have been away since 1980 but still feels like home when I am there. Might move back one day but that is always expensive and my apt in Beachville is affordable and can railfan from my window.

Ontario Southland RailwayOSRX 6508 Zorra Line Beachville Ontario April 28 2017

Homeward Bound

It rained overnight and still a light rain falling but quickly moving out of the area. Looks like I will be able to do some train chasing on the way home. Been gone a week which went quickly so will have to make another trip soon.

I come for the trains but also enjoy looking at how small towns have preserved their history and save many old buildings. You just feel a sense of pride as you see many flags and signs of America everywhere. I wish Canadians would start getting some Canadian pride and do some more flag waving as things are changing in Canada and not for the better.

Small town with huge fairgrounds wrapped in stars and stripes banners and a hub of activity even when the fairs are not on. You may say what you want about Americans but they love their country and will defend it every chance they get. Nothing wrong with that.

Time to pack up and start heading north.

Willard & Greenwich Ohio

Good day yesterday with a busy train day. Off to Willard and Greenwich today to check out CSX action. Partly cloudy but with sunny periods with a high of 65. Heading home tomorrow but will hit Oak Harbour and Toledo on the way home.

Good day, visited, Willard, Greenwich, New London and Norwalk. Lots of trains and sunny most of the day.

Bucyrus and Marion

Off to Bucyrus and Marion Ohio today. Another day of sunshine and high of around 60F. Looking forward to exploring some parts of Ohio I have not seen. I usually take the back roads and different ways there and back. Lots of history in those small towns.


Tons of Trains

Bellevue Ohio is a train lovers mecca with other 100 trains a day. Just the time it takes me to go for coffee and write this at least a half a dozen trains go by.

Caught 3 NS Heritage units so far which is great as only caught 6 in the last two years.

Weather sunny and around 55-60F so a great change after all the rain. I was going to come home Tuesday but now plan to stay till Thursday as sunny all week.

Heading back track side, update later.

Toledo Bound

Off to Ohio Friday morning to volunteer at the Toledo Train Day on Sat 6th. This will be my 6th year. Get to guard the NS and Ann Arbor locomotives and keep fans from heading out to NS’s mainline. This was last year. Hopefully the weather co-operates.

NS 9100 NTD Toledo Ohio May 7 2016

Looks much better than here. Toledo weather. Hope it holds.