Maybe Yes Maybe No

Planning a trip to Toronto but the weather is sure making things tough. Sunny in the morning for a few hours then rain and thunderstorms. Hard to plan for the day.

Forecast for today was cloudy but it rained at least 6 times, sometimes very heavy so you can’t believe the forecast.

Hopefully they are correct for Wednesday as I plan a trip to Toronto on GO. We shall see.



Sad Day :-(

Today is the first day of summer, the longest day of the year and also the day that they start getting shorter as we head to the next season. Get out and enjoy them while they are here.

Beachville Thames River Trail is a good place to start.

Beachville Thames River Trail

Summer Blahs?

Not sure there is such a thing but I think I might have them. Just can’t see to get my butt in gear even for the things I like to do and not sure why. I do seem to be going through the motions instead of enjoying what I am doing.

I guess we all go through times when we just seem to be lost and wandering around. I am sure I will snap out of it but makes me wonder why.

Have a great day.

A shot from yesterday as Ontario Southland Railway heads out of Ingersoll heading to Woodstock Ontario

Have a great day.

Ontario Southland Railway OSRX 1400 OSRX 1620 Ingersoll Ontario June 19 2017

Brantford Bound

Heading to Brantford to catch Southern Ontario Railway running down Clarence Street. I have not caught it since last year. Weather looks good but will warm up. Only 48F this morning. Last night the sky put on a real show. I shot this from my apartment window.

Sky 06-06-2017

Still waiting for global warming to kick in as in the high fortiesĀ  F or single digits C.

Nice to see all that extra carbon tax that I am paying is working. What a scam.

Global Warming

Such much for the global warming hoax. June and temperature still cool enough to require a jacket. Glad to see the USA pulled out and let the others tax their people on something that is a natural event of the earth and cycles every 50 years or so.