Rude People

Why is that people think holiday are 3 days long? There are a couple of rude people here in Beachville who think every holiday they can blast off fireworks all three nights till all hours of the night. Last nights rain kept some inside but at 1 am one idiot figured now it had stopped it was a good time to set off as number of loud fireworks. Just RUDE. Then about 3 am two women decided to find out how far their voices carry at night and strolled by my bedroom window twice as if once was not enough. RUDE.


The world is getting to be such a “who cares about others” with people making all kinds of noise at all hours of the day and night without a single care if they were offending anybody. What happened to having consideration for others?

I don’t vacuum or make any loud noises until I am sure Bert next door is up or away. He does the same for me. That is how it is supposed to work.

I guess way too many people today don’t care and only think of themselves.

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