Today started out as a continuation of yesterday, dark and cloudy, cool and possible rain. I probably should have stayed home as even tomorrow they are now calling for cloudy weather.

Got up early at 6 am and checked AMTRAK and saw it was running late and would be in Erie around 7:30 so headed trackside even though there were drops of rain falling. I figured I could at least see it if not get a shot of it. Rain stopped and skies brightened slightly as it approached. Turned on the video camera and had two DSLR’s ready as my new one was acting up and having focus issues. Leading was an AMTRAK anniversary unit with two other locomotives. Took shots with both cameras and figured the video should be great. I noticed the video camera would not turn off and tried everything and had to remove the battery to turn it off. Then when I checked the video it say could not read that format. Tried putting in my notebook computer but they did
not even show. At least I managed a couple good photos.

Got out the old video camera and did some video with it. I will check them back at the motel. The new one was going out of focus and now I think maybe it was the SD card creating the problem. I switched cards and will see if the issue is gone. I usually bring everything with me from the motel but I am staying in the same one in Erie so left my laptop there. I have some recovery software on it but not holding out much hope of recovering the video. 

Skies are still cloudy but a bit brighter so maybe can salvage some of today.

No GE locomotive to see and nothing seems to be running on the test track.

Off to North East where I know there are locomotives, not running but at least waiting for me. Starting to get hot now and sure enough my shorts are in the motel 20 miles away, perfect. 

At North East found the museum closed but did get some photos of me and the C&O unit. I now know why there seems to be less trains running
on CSX as the ones that do come by are all at least 10,000 it seems. Maybe it has something to do with their new pres. Harrison Hunter. 

Weather sure it not what was forecast but at least a few sunny breaks but as soon as a train gets near they run away and hide and big blacks ones take their place. Guess it goes with the luck I have been having on this trip.

Tomorrow forecast is partly sunny but high around 80C. I will see if any of those high paid forecasters actually get one of 3 right.

Back to Erie and finally something good happened. I cruised by the GE plan for the 4th time and this time luck was with me as I caught the Erie Railway Company (GE;s own) moving flatcars full of 3 axle trucks.I figured if the trucks (wheels to non railway types) maybe the locomotives would be around. Drove to Franklin Street Bridge and walked out onto the bridge. Timing was perfect as they were moving thirteen (lucky this time) new locomotives I think headed to Australia
on flatcars. Hopefully have lots of great photos and video. This made up for the previous 36 hours of getting skunked.

Also stopped and took some new photos with my girlfriend at North east. 

North East PA July 25 2017

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