Birthday In Erie

July 26th

Today looks much better than the other two, sunny and hot with high near 80F. Headed to the tracks and caught the AMTRAK #84 Lakeshore Limited and everything seemed fine. I will really not know until I get home and work on the videos and photos. Met a engineer from GE who is also a railfan and we exchanged business cars so now have a contact there who can keep me up to date. He let me know the locomotives I saw are going to Angola, not Australia and would be interchanged with NS before heading west.

5459 Harborcreek PA July 26 2017 Us humans are never happy as Monday I was complaining about how cool it was and today a sudden change of low 80’s and about 30% humidity. Of course if I had to choose one it would be todays temp. Parked under a tree right next to the NS line but can also see the CSX lines so life is good. Had planned to head to North East but will hit that tomorrow as I start to head east and home.

Weather looks good so staying till Friday in Erie

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