Great Day To Be Alive, Bee Careful

Great day to be alive, hope there are many more ahead. Did some train chasing then a relaxing day working on some photo editing.

Managed to get myself stung again by the wasp nest in our garbage bin. I put out some chicken bones as they were beginning to smell and carefully opened the lid and did not see any of the nasty wasps. I decided, not a good idea, to move the bin to see if any were still around as I had been spraying the entrance for three days. Well I must have pissed them off as a wave of wasps came flying out and took aim on me. I had the wasp spray so blasted them the best I could as I was running for my life. Only one managed to get me on the ankle so that is 3 times in a week. I called the landlord and he told me to stay away and he will get “the guy” to come and take care of them.  Not sure how a small creature like that can inflict so much pain.


The two I got last week, also on my ankles are healed but itch like crazy and wake me in the middle of the night. The new one is throbbing but some first aid spray seems to help.

Needless to say I will be staying away until I get the all clear.

Take care and get out and enjoy this weather.

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