A Stinging Good Time…………….Not

Still suffering after my 3 wasps bites with my ankles still swollen and sore. The right one is worse as it took hits both on the inside and outside. It feels like my skin is too small and itches constantly deep inside with not much relief from assorted lotions. Wakes me up at least 3 times a night and is driving me up the wall.


To add insult to injury when I was in Woodstock waiting for a train, a bee flew up my pant leg and bit me on the top of my thigh. How weird is that? Had me jumping around until I managed to kill it.

This is a bad year for wasps and bees and they seem to be everywhere. In grassy areas bees seem to be hiding in the grass and are a real danger. I hate winter but sure don’t have to worry about flying menaces.

On another subject I stopped in at the Woodstock VIA station and noticed a suspicious package up against the station. It just looked out-of-place and in today’s world you never know. If somebody forgets something it might be in the station not placed against the building. I guess we are all a bit paranoid now so called the police  to report it.


Before the world went nuts I would have walked up and looked inside but not now. I know we have a number of  people in the area not to mention all the home-grown loonies out there. Guess Woodstock Police did not think it was too serious as took 30 minutes to show up. I left after they showed up and when I drove by later the station was still there so guess a false alarm. I wasn’t going to call them but you start second guessing yourself and wonder if you did not call and something did happen, how would you feel?

Another sunny day so off to London to see if anything new at CN or CP.

Have a great day and bee aware. :-).


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