Indoor Time

A dreary looking Saturday morning so time to do some indoor things I have been putting off. Things like washing the kitchen and bathroom floor and other fun things. Also maybe build something for the model railroad.

Living above the post office has some disadvantages like people coming at all hours to pick up their mail. Some having the radio playing and then leaving their vehicle running while they get their mail then sit there right below my window reading it. I wish the mailboxes were not accessible 24/7 then would not have the problem.No Idling

I ask the county to put up a no idle sign but they don’t seem to care that I and the post office employees have to put up with stinky diesel truck fumes from inconsiderate people.

I created my own sign and put on the front of the building and wonder how many will care and turn off their vehicles. The bylaws states excessive noise like idling engines never mind the health factor. Everybody complains about fuel costs but think nothing of letting their vehicles run. Excuse is need the a/c in the summer and heater in the winter. What lame excuses.

I guess just part of the “me” world we now live in. 😦

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