My Life Has Ended

Not really but the people who run the Canadian Passenger Rail Yahoo group must think so as they have booted me off the list for making fun of the VIA banana skin wraps of their locomotives for Canada’s 150 birthday. They refuse to admit that VIA blew it and that wrap was intended for VIA 40’s anniversary that is next year. It seems in March somebody at VIA finally realized they had done nothing for Canada’s 150 so they rushed out the 40th wrap and slapped a 150 banner on it.VIA 73 VIA 905 Beards Lane Woodstock Ontario Nov 4 2017

They covered all the few Canadian flags that were on the LRC coaches and there is not one to be found on the wrapped equipment and this is supposed to be the  150th Canada wrap. How can you have a wrap that is celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday with no Canadian Flags and no red or white? Of course it was designed in Montreal so I guess we should have expected this. Not sure when silver and yellow became Canada’s colours but they could have done so much better.

I guess their discussion group does not allow for discussion and everything has to be to their liking or you are nothing but a trouble maker. That is okay I have better things to do than care what car numbers are on the Canadian. I always wondered what do people even do with that info. Okay to maybe have one or two but every one. They need to get a life.

Enough of that, rainy and cloudy again but I have a great day, I intend to. 🙂




2 thoughts on “My Life Has Ended

  1. You are on a roll Walter!
    I fully agree with you on the VIA Canada 150 wrap. It is ugly. There is no other word to describe it. Then again I have found the whole Canada 150 an exercise in lame bureaucratic
    ideas. A oversized yellow duck.
    I’m sure you like me recall the Centennial Year celebrations. Entire communities got involved. The next time you are in Clarkson watching the switching at Petrocan look at the museum just past the refinery gate. That was the Toronto Township Centennial Project.
    Getting back to VIA; is their 40th anniversary really worth celebrating?
    They are the red headed stepchild of the Canadian Public Transportation network. Unloved and half starved.
    I’d personally like VIA to be turned over to something like Virgin to see if they could make it viable.
    Rob Archer.

  2. With all that yellow on the wrap it would much better if they removed “Canada 150” and substituted it with “Charmin”.

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