Chasing Trains Is Getting To Be No Fun

Especially in Canada as you can sit track side for hours and see nothing. Even trains that normally come through at a certain time now see to be out cycle and nowhere to be found.

I guess that is why I head south of the border to Ohio where places like Fostoria and Bellevue Ohio see 100 trains or more each day. Also the variety of power you can see can offer surprises not very common here in Ontario.

I guess I should not complain as I have Ontario Southland Railway go by my apt window every day and can do video without going outside.

Ontario Southland RailwayOSRX 6508 Zorra Line Beachville Ontario April 28 2017

Today was forecast cloudy and possible rain but Sun has been out most of the day so will get dressed and head out for a coffee and see what I can find. I am sure it will run and hide as soon as I get out there.

Take care and have a great day.

One thought on “Chasing Trains Is Getting To Be No Fun

  1. So I guess to keep variety in your railfanning Walter … You will have to continue your adventures south of the border which isn’t a bad thing after all … I took Train 80 to Toronto last Sunday to see the Santa Claus Parade and took 75 back to London.

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