“All You Need Is Love”………NOT

Our sad excuse for a PM is the perfect specimen for a poster for “birth control” pills or for not doing cocaine while you are pregnant. His latest drug induced idea’s of improving Canada will make us more of a laughing-stock that we are already. Bad enough giving millions to terrorists and other threats to Canada but it never ends.

Schools Out – Photo Opp

The week started out with him flying north to meet with FN’s to apologize again for the Canadian government and drop off a $50 MILLION cheque to the Indians for the residential school disaster. Yes it was bad but lets move on. Harper apologized in 2008 and again in 2014 so what does this moron think he is doing apologizing again.  Funny thing it will happen AGAIN as some chiefs said it was not enough. canadaapolgizesWe pour many millions into the reservations every year and nothing change. Where is the accountability and where will this $50 MILLION disappear to probably or down the black hole the rest does. Next on their hit list is the Pinery provincial Park and wynbag or trudope does nothing. They already destroyed Ipperwash and will keep taking as long as we let the. The siege of Caledonia has gone on for over 10 years and cost taxpayers of almost $300 MILLION. It has to stop. Where is John Wayne when you need him?

Closet Politics – Yes Another Photo Opp

That is nothing next to this one that must have come out of a night of pot smoking and “closet sex” of expunging all records of anyone arrested in the past for having “closet sex with anyone or anything that was against the law back in the “good old days”. If that is not bad enough he is going to pay compensation of $100 MILLION to those who had their feelings hurt but wait, only if you were a Federal employee. I can see it now as every province is forced do to like wise as Provincial workers want their share of the money. If you are not one of them there are many lawyers who will be glad to take your money.

trudeaugayI sure as hell did not pay taxes and agree to have for any of it to go to either of these groups. I paid it for health care, hospitals, roads and infrastructure and things that help all Canadians not just a few.  Throw in the 50,000 refugees who are living off my taxes and a BILLION or so going to a few and the rest of us can just fend for ourselves. Today is the era of the “all your need is love” or at least till somebody kills you or blows you up. Sure did wonders for John Lennon. 😦

I wonder how the money will be split up? Will you have to provide a record of the when you escaped the closet and how many times you were asked to “get off that thing” to figure out payment. Lawyers all just had “wet dreams” as they realize how much business this will bring them. Here is one solution I can live with and would not mind spending a few dollars on.

Pot Pity – No Cameras Allowed Here

Okay his juvenile way of thinking that only somebody born with a golden shovel up his rectum and never had a real job can think brings up this question.SS_Marijuana_products_paper

Since pot will be legal next year can we now expect everyone who was arrested and has a record for smoking pot be let out of jail, have their record expunged and since there area lot for of them I think $500 MILLION should cover their compensation. If I was in that group (I smoked and grew it but never got caught) I would be putting together a class action law suit to be treated like the gay community. What is fair for the goose is far for the gander even if they have normal sex.

Does he think he can walk on water, right all the wrongs of that past and hug and kiss himself to win another election? To me both of these moves are just “vote-buying” tactics disguised as a feel good and selfie opportunity using taxpayers hard-earned dollars.

We need to take back Canada before we and our kids see it disintegrate into something we didn’t ask for, don’t recognize and definitely will not like.


One thought on ““All You Need Is Love”………NOT

  1. All this rubbish concerning the handouts of money you are writing about is just the Head Morons way of leading the people on. All they see is him handing out freebies, and everyone likes freebies. The intelligent people in this country realize it is OUR money he is tossing to the wind. Of course the First Folk are going to scream for more money. All those people and only $50 Mill? Heck, a lousy 5 terrorists get that much. It kind of reminds me of grade school where every kid gets a dollar and then holy hell breaks out because they find the class before got $2. The vultures of Canada are not going to shut up until the Head Moron doles out $10M to every damn one of them.
    Personally I am shocked and disgusted over what is going on in this country. And that is before I even start thinking about the destruction of Ontariowe. Another disgrace. Gr-r-r-r-r-r………….

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