I Should Have Stayed in Bed

Last night the CP Christmas Holiday Train rolled though the Woodstock area and my efforts to capture video and some photos was an exercise in frustration.


No problem as it stays overnight in London so usually go there in the morning and catch it leaving.


Last night charged all the camera and scanner batteries and checked the CP schedule to see it was due in Chatham at 2:45 so figured it would leave at about 12:30. Next checked the weather and rain was forecast but looked like it would be through London by noon so would work out well as an overcast day would show off the lights. Everything good to go and out the door about 10:15 and headed to London. It has just started to sprinkle but that was good as the shower would pass through before the train left. Headed out confident I would be able to get some photos and video as it left.

Reality Check

The rain picked up as I neared London but still confident my planning would work out. I arrived in London about 11 am in case they left early and cruised by the CP yard and the train was there. Too bad CP has a habit of hiding it in the middle of the yard so only a few glimpses were possible and no chance for a photo. umbrellaOff I went to the location where I planned to catch as it headed to Chatham. The rain was now fairly heavy and would play tease with me as it  slowed up and almost stopped only to start again. I had the scanner tuned to the CP main channel as I thought they would call to get a clearance to leave London. In the past always heard them talk to the RTC so I knew when they were about to leave.

It looked like the rain was not going to go away so moved to another location where I could open the back hatch of the HHR and shoot from inside. Sat there for about an hour but no sign of them leaving and no chatter on the radio. I set up the video and SLR and was prepared as soon as I heard it coming.

It was now 1:00 pm and they had not left or called for a TOP (train occupancy permit) and the rain was still coming down but knew it would be soon. To my horror I glanced in the side view mirror and the Christmas Train was and almost by me.. angry-person-clip-art-Anger-ManagementI jumped out of the car but had no time to get a photo or any video and just stood there in the rain cursing as it rolled by. I guess they got their clearance using the cell and because London is a no whistle zone they did not blow at the two crossing just before where I was located. All that planning and I came home without taking a single photo or a second of video. 😦

Murphy”s Law  seemed to be in play as about 10 minutes after I missed the train, the rain stopped as if programmed.

As they say, there is always next year I hope. Headed to McD’s to have a coffee and let my blood pressure return to normal. Did stop in at Forest City Surplus and found some batteries on sale so not a total wash out.

2 thoughts on “I Should Have Stayed in Bed

  1. I caught the CP Holiday Train or should I say the CP Christmas Train on Richmond Street and did a video of it coming and leaving as well as the performances that lasted about 30 minutes.

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