Big Boy Pants

As much as I hate to admit it I think the days of shorts and t shirts is now well past us and will not be back for way too many months.

The joy of living where you have eight months of winter and 4 months of bad sledding. I know we are brainwashed into thinking the four or maybe in our case two seasons are great. The year I lived in California when I was young everybody said I would miss the different seasons and I am still waiting for that to happen.

Of course now a new chance for some snow photos and maybe even some snow plow photos if we get enough snow.

The more you embrace it and think of those glorious days of snow covered scenery all new and white it does not seem that bad.

OSR 1245 503 Beachville Ontario 4-3-2014

I plan to enjoy it as the number of them I will be fully mobile and able to do it are numbered and then I will be mad and sad I did not enjoy them.

Bring it on, I am ready for another round of a good old fashioned Canadian Winter.


Great Day To Be Alive

Actually when you are in your seventies, every day is great to be alive or to be anywhere. Whenever I think life is treating me unfairly I think of the small children in hospitals who¬†really haven’t even had a chance to enjoy life and are facing things I can’t even imagine.

I am in pretty good shape for an old guy and live a comfortable life. I am by now means rich but have a nice aptartment, food on the table and enough money to pursue my hobby of trains, photography and computers.

We live in a great country and don’t think about those that wake up every morning wondering where their next meal will come from and live in fear every day.

Be happy with one you have as you could have a lot less.

Have a great day.