Stick My Finger Out.

You would think with all the technology at their fingertips the weather people could at least get the next day correct. Forecast was for a sunny Saturday but when I woke up and had planned to head trackside I was greeted by dull and overcast skies that two hours  later are still the same.


I guess I will go back to the “stick my finger out the door” to see what today feels like.

At least today the HERO Gold Tournament is on with Tiger Woods back playing after almost a year off. He looked good and was leading a number of times and ended round 2 just 3 shots back.  He sure adds excitement to golf as you always know he is capable of an amazing shot. He even makes pars exciting. He looks great and if his back continues to improve many more great shots can be coming.Tiger Woods

I know he has had problems in the past but being thrown into the limelight like he was and having millions thrown at him it could have happened to anyone. He has paid dearly for his mistakes and I watch because of his golf magic. While in the Bahama’s he is staying on his private yacht so life is pretty good. I hope he does well and we can see more great golf from him.

I was always a duffer and am amazed at what he and the others can do on the course. Coverage starts at 12:30.

Have a great day.



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