Did Not Hurt Too Much

I had to take the HHR in for some work and always get nervous as to how much it will cost as no more of “it was just a little bolt loose ” repairs. Most garages are about $80 an hour so even minor repairs can get expensive.  I have been taking my vehicle it to CTC in Woodstock for about 20 years and always had great service and no surprises as they always provide a quote on major repairs in and a lot of cases come in below.  2009 HHRJoe and Dan really seem to care and I am confident they only do what is necessary and stand behind their work. I was figuring on about $400 and even with an oil change got out of there for less than $200. 🙂  Had the bushings on both stabilizer arms replaced and some minor front end work. No noise and feels like a new car. Thanks Guys

Tomorrow might take another trip to Brantford to see if I can catch Southern Ontario Railway rolling down Clarence Street. Weather shows sun and clouds but clear till around 2 PM so will see what happens and if they show up this time.


Not sure how long the line will be in service so have to get photos and video while it is. If they are not running stops along the way and at Paris might supply some action.

Have a good day and enjoy as the ugly stuff is coming. 🙂


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