Only Hurts When I Move

Those of us who own cars wonder every day if this is the day it will not start, make a noise we have not hurt or just plain will not run properly and it will cost us money.

Our body is no different as we get older and each day I can get out of bed by myself, go to the bathroom by myself and everything seems to be working I am very grateful, anything after that is a bonus.

Well a couple of days ago my knees were aching so bad had to get up and take a couple Tylenol to get back to sleep. I was not concerned as damp weather plays hell with old joints and bones and make then feel like somebody replaced the cartilage with sandpaper.

Monday I got up and could hardly walk as the pain in the inside of both knees mad me wince with every step. paininkneeeMore Tylenol and the pain eased a bit but it has now been happening for about  3 or 4 days. What do do? Of course head to the Internet and some self diagnose of the problem.

I found this ” Pain from pes anserine bursitis is located on the inside of the knee, just below the joint. Bursitis usually develops as the result of overuse or constant friction and stress on the bursa. Pes anserine bursitis is common in athletes, particularly runners.

Oh well now I understand  but wait my body is that of a fine tuned athlete  but running is a no no after defying gravity last year while doing it. Looks like rest and quit doing what caused it is the cure but no idea what caused it. Guess I will grin and bear and and stock up on Tylenol.

Headed to Brantford yesterday to catch Southern Ontario Railway cruising down Clarence Street. Not many place there is “street running” if only for 100 feet or so. One guy almost crashed in to the train and just about ran over a pedestrian, what a moron. Weather people got it right this time and clouds did not move in till around 1 PM. Winds were about 40 mph which made it feels like -15F but I dressed warm and no problems. Day worked out great with some good photos and video.

Southern Ontario Railway RLHH 2111 RLHH 2081 Clarence Street Brantford Ont Dec 6 2017

Here is the video:  

Hope you enjoy it.

Have a super day.

2 thoughts on “Only Hurts When I Move

  1. It says the video is unavailable Walter so I will have to try and open it on my PC at home. Hope your bursitis is coming along better. Don’t forget to try some ice. It will help decrease the inflammation.

  2. I have bursitis in my hip and since that is an inflammation of the bursa … my Chiropractor does ultra sound treatments on it and it does help.

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