We Knew It Was Coming

I guess Winter has arrived and looks like the next few days we will get a good dose of reality as snow and cold temperatures move it. We should not complain as it is almost the middle of December and the positive side is we only have 4 1/2 months left.

The good side of winter is I don’t have to listen to some person who never grew up revving his loud motorcycle as he goes by my apt every 10 minutes. Also the pair across the street who are both partially deaf who sit out half the night and babble like a couple of magpies.

Did get a chance to get the first winter shots of the year with more chance in the coming days. Here we see CN 385 blasting though Ingersoll yesterday.

CN 385 CN 2243 CN 5752 CN 212 Ingersoll Ont Dec 10 2017

Now if my knees would start co-operating I could really enjoy it. The pain seems to come and go with really nothing I do aggravating it. One minute I can hardly walk, next one no pain at all. It seems there is too much fluid in the knee and air bubbles form in it and if they move to the wrong places they get crushed and that is what cause the pain. I hope it just goes away and is not a sigh of arthritis or other long-lasting problem. Ah the joys of getting old. Actually can’t think of too many right now.


I look on the positive side and it could be a lot worse so will just grin and bear it.

Time for me to limp outside and enjoy this wonderful winter day.

Have a great one.




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