Today there is no doubt winter has arrived with about 2  inches ( 5cm) of snow overnight and another 4 inches (10cm) expected tonight. Looks like another cold with temps around 10F and windy day but if you dress right it can be fun. Here we see VIA 70 blowing through Beachville Ontario this morning..

VIA 70 VIA 910 Beachville Ontario Dec 12 2017.JPG

Lucky for me the small station in Ingersoll is there and spent the morning in it shooting through the window as winds were sure blowing the snow around not to forget about the snowstorm the trains bring with them. I caught a number of CN and VIa trains and have uploaded the video which is below.

My left knee is still aching and seems to come and go hurting a lot at times and making me winch with each step and then just throbbing at others.  Tylenol helps but hope it goes away and is nothing serious. It is not in the joint but just on the side hear the front. Putting the heating pad on it seems to help a bit so will keep doing that.

Be careful out there as this is the time falls can be serious, just ask he as I am a bit of an expert on them. 🙂 Keep warm and get out and enjoy the winter.

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