They Were The Good Old Days

Call me sexist or anything you want but this my opinion of where the world went wrong. Remember when women were proud to be mothers and head of the house?

Well no more and now women seem to have time to have kids, get a babysitter, throw them in JK when they are 3, more babysitting then are so busy they never even see them grow up. They invented the term “latchkey kids” as that is what kids do now. My mother was proud to stay home and raise us and look after the house and I am glad she did. I think a lot of the trouble with kids today as they are left to their own as both parents are working and had time to have kids, but no time to look after them. I am sure kids would be happy to have less material things and more attention from their parents.

I am not against women having a career but I think they have to decide which is more important, raising their children or a bigger house? They can always have a career after the kids are grown up. If I had a problem I always knew my mom was there to help me. Now kids are isolated with their cell phones and computers and parents have no idea what is going on in their lives.good old days

No need to go “Hilary”, get defensive and call me names but that is my opinion as I see how things are going today. No mass school shootings or kids joining ISIS when I was growing up as my parents knew what I was doing and where I was. Do parents even talk to their kids these days or is it by cell phone? Notice I say “parents” and blame the family unit of today. As kids we had to deal with boys and girls and now we have 23 different sexual definitions and political correctness to deal with. No wonder the kids are under such stress and pressure and some just can’t handle it and explode.

No idea what the answer is but parents need to look at their priorities and decide what is best for the children they are bringing into this world. We had no private schools, hockey classes, trips to Europe and Florida on summer breaks, no expensive clothes or electronic gadgets for us. I learned the value of money young and my dad told me if I want something “go work for it”

Today it seems parents think throwing money at their kids will make up for the absence of love and not being there when they are needed. I think we can all see how well that is working. 😦


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