Reality Setting In

I have not posted in a while as I have sort of been in limbo and wondering what life is all about. I am not depressed or anything like that but was just wondering what is it all about. We are born, do our best or worse than die. Seems simple enough so why the mystery?

I just had my yearly medical check up and everything is still working like it should and I feel fine and counting my blessings to have it made to 75 so should be very thankful. I guess I have been thinking about it as the number of years I have left seem to be shrinking away too fast. I joked with my doctor that he has to out live me as I don’t want to look for another doctor and he joked he was only 62 so that should not be a problem.


I know he was joking but he is right and will I be around till he retires which might be in another 5 or 6 years but on planning to be here much longer.

I am sure we all wonder what will we leave behind when we go. I was married but it did not last and even though I played father for about 7 years with my wife’s 3 wonderful children from her first marriage I do regret not having children of my own who I could share their lives with as I grow older. I regret not being more successful in my careers and having many of the things I do not have. Don’t get me wrong, I am debt free, have money in the bank and do pretty well what I want but never reached even close to where I thought I would be in life.Griffin_family

When I was a teenager I had dreams of meeting that beautiful girl who I would spend my life with, have a family and live in a big house but somewhere all those dreams were shattered as one relationship after another seemed to end. Looking back I blew it when the girl that I should have married somehow got away and I was the one that ended it. That was the biggest mistake of my life and I can only imagine how things would have been so different.

Anyway that is enough thinking about the “what ifs” and time to get back to living. Planning a trip to Ohio next week so no time to dwell on negative things and get back to doing what I enjoy while I still can. Life is precious and none of us know how much of it we will get to enjoy so make the most of each day. Summer is here and I plan to enjoy everyday as long as I am capable.  I hope everyone has a great summer anmanonbiked think of me when I am gone which I hope is a long way away.

The Internet has provided me with a place to share my life and will be there long after I am gone as the 12,000 photos, over 3000 videos and thousands of Facebook posts good and bad will still be there.

Time to get out there and fill up my corner of the Internet with stuff I like. I am sure that is what it is for. Thanks for listening and hope your life is going great.


2 thoughts on “Reality Setting In

  1. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t have regrets but you can’t go back … you can only go forward … focus on the positive things … your 75 and doing well … your active and outgoing doing what you enjoy doing … and you can financially travel where you wish to go to do what you wish to do … don’t worry about “shrinking away” … the fact that your are feeling fine and are generally healthy is the important thing … keep doing what you do best … rail fanning and enjoy! Thanks for all your pictures and videos that you post!

  2. Thanks Raymond. Yes I am thankful for what I have but it makes you wonder why some have so much and others even though they worked just as hard don’t. I know thing could be a lot worse so enjoy what I have. Time to go have coffee with some friends and a few laughs.

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