I Can Kiss June Goodbye

Summer is here and I was looking forward to some trips to the USA but it looks like they will have to wait till July.

Coming back from Ohio and back in Canada I was recipient of a rock that cracked the windshield requiring a new one and I had put off some minor repairs until I got back. My annual check up was also scheduled and everything is fine but time for my 5 years scope as colon cancer runs in my family.

I scheduled the repairs for this morning and am in Mcd’s having coffee while they are done so this week is used up. month calendarI called to get an appointment to have the windshield replaced and it can’t be done till next Wednesday so another week that is split up. Next my scope is planned for the 3rd Wednesday  and then a follow-up exam one week later on another Wednesday so that pretty well uses up all of June.

The scope should be fine as I have had a clean check up the last 3 times better to know than not know. happy colonThe worst part is the preparation and having to impose on somebody to pick you up. I am sure I will survive and come out good for another 5 years. If you are 50 or over and even if there is no history in your family I recommend you get one. I am sure it saved my life as 20 years ago when I had my first they found 5 polyps which by now would have been full-blown cancer and probably would have killed me by now.

Once this minor setbacks are finished I plan a number of trips to Ohio, Indiana and maybe even finally get to Rochelle Illinois.

Rain forecast for today so ideal time to get out the new Railpast Mobile and take it for a run. ambulance If it rains I can shoot out the back doors and if no trains take a nap or just sit and watch it rain while working on my computer. Weather is hot with temperatures near 30C/90F so need to find a place with some shade. No a/c in the ambulance but nice breeze if I open the back doors. I find the older you get the heat seems to be a little harder to take.

That is enough rambling for today so everyone have a great day and enjoy every day as we never know many we have left.



One thought on “I Can Kiss June Goodbye

  1. Don’t forget the most important event in June. The Provincial Election on the 7th. I don’t hear much about the (g)Libs past misdeeds but the billions wasted on the 2015 PanAm games is reason enough to vote the ba*tards out. The only good thing from that waste of money was to stifle any talk of holding Olympics.
    Is there a picture of the latest Railpast Chase Vehicle?

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