Burning Love Part 3 & Hard Drives

I must be in the final stages as the burning pains have returned with a vengeance. Even the pain pills they gave me at emergency and some additional Tylenol done seem to chase them away. Another restless night but keep thinking it could be something worse and I will beat it soon.

Being home bound has given me some time to work on a 1 TB hard drive that failed. After much looking found some software that could recover most. I have now found over 45,000 files and at least 30,000 are photos.file29

The problem is it puts everything into file folders and renames all the files starting at 0001. Next step was to find some software that would put them into folders using the EXIF info on every digital photo. Once that was done no I will have to open each file and rename it or at least rename the folders indicating location.

One of the steps to recovering the files is you have to format the drive they are on. Now that step is always scaring as we all think once we format a hard drive or SD card everything is gone.harddrive Formatting a hard drive that is unreadable does delete the files and rebuilds the file structure so you can read but the files are still there. As long as you don’t overwrite the files they can be recovered. Remember that next time you sell or give away a hard drive. The only way to be safe is to use some software to overwrite every thing on the drive. If any sensitive material on it then the safe way is to drill a hole through it.

Another great day so get out and enjoy it.


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