Erie Trip Gremlins and Goblins – Part 3

Day 3 and a gaggle of Gremlins got up early and as soon as the Sun woke up at about 8 am they dragged a huge gray low hanging misty cloud over the whole area. So much for 3 days of sunshine promised as I have not even had one and same forecast for tomorrow. Another group hid all the trains as very little action on either CXS or NS. Gremlin 1, 2 and 3.

It looked like it might be another rush hour like yesterday and decided to tough it out even with the weather not co-operating. A westbound CSX oil train at 8:42 then a eastbound long container train at 8:46 then the gremlins showed up. Nothing to be seen for over 2 1/2 hours except dull gray skies.

Changed location and caught a wb CSX mixed train at 11:29 while checking up GE but nothing happening there.

Headed to the west part of Erie and caught eb NS container train at 12:50  then another NS with a power move of 5 UP locomotives at 13:04. I knew they were heading to GE so moved to the drop off location and caught some of that move.  While there an wb CSX at 13:44 and a eb at 14:11 form the wrong side of the tracks.

Drove around some more and got gas at $2.33 a gallon so only cost me $26.11 to fill up. I guess the gremlins were sleeping on the job as the Sun pushed its way through the clouds at 15:00 and my spirits picked up so back to my morning spot. More stop lights and a wb long container train went by on CSX that I saw from a distance. Gremlin #4

Before they dragged the cloud cover back I manged a eb CSX mixed freight at 15:20, eb container train at 15:23 and a eb mixed CSX train at 15:36.

By then the clouds were back and it seemed the temp dropped so called it a day and headed to the motel to watch the two NFL playoff games.

I am hoping the weather people are wrong again and sunshine shows up and not the clouds they promised. Plan to head home and stop at the North East Train Museum and maybe Bort Road at the PA/NY border before heading to Welland. If the weather is good will stay a little longer and stay over at my sisters and head home Monday stopping in Hamilton to maybe see my other sister and drop by the CN yard and Bayview.

It could have been worse weather and I have learned to just make the best of it as there is nothing you can do about it.

Hopefully a Gremlin free day and a no hassle border crossing.

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