Erie Trip Gremlins and Goblins – Part 4

Day 4 and time to head home. Of course the Sun came out after a cold snow pellet morning but very few train to be found anywhere. I guess the gremlins scared then away. I hung around until 2 pm and only caught 5 trains but what can you do?

Stopped in at the museum at North East PA but nobody around and snow pellets were coming down so headed home.

Stopped at my sisters in Welland for a visit and made it home in time the the last half of the NFL football game.2009 HHR

The weather is always the fly in the ointment as even when nice weather is forecast there is no guarantee it will show up.

I am sure gremlins are waiting to try my patience and nerves when I get home.

There is always the next trip for them to make life interesting 🙂

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