Gremlin Update Jan 9 2019

So many I had to either laugh or cry.

crying man

  1. Got up after letting an upload run all night and after 9 hours it had an error and had to upload again.
  2. Second try froze with 7 seconds left after 9 hours but after 20 minutes with everything crossed it completed.
  3. ATCS still not working after repeated tries today.
  4.  Headed out about 10:30 and plugged in the scanner, battery died
  5. Replaced battery with back up, it lasted 10 minutes.
  6. Spilled my coffee on me.
  7. Came home spent a hour learning some new software and saved the video but it is corrupt and can’t be played.
  8. OSR arrived and I was going to put the video camera in the window but saw the battery only had minutes left so had to rush to put in the backup.
  9. What next?

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