They Found Me Again

Gremlins are out in full force today. I was at home and this bright lite started shining in my window so I quickly got dressed and by the time I drove to Ingersoll it had disappeared. No trains around except OSR so decided to video them from a distance. Turned on the camera and it said error battery could not be used even though it was just charged. Got the spare battery and this time said error restart camera. I quickly did that and it seemed to work but when I tried to turn it off only way I could was remove the battery.
Forgot about and headed to Woodstock. CN 331 was soon due so got set up with the camera and it did the same thing.

Lucky I had started the camera early so had time to restart after a number of errors. If that was not bad enough I got ready to take some still photos and up comes an error saying media full even though I had just formatted it the day before and very few photos on it. It is a 32 GB card so no way it was full. No pictures of CN 331 even though it had CN BCOL lashup.  VIA was right behind and the SLR worked fine this time but again the video camera would not turn off. nagryman

Headed to McDs for coffee and to see if I can figure out the problem. Manual says if error message keeps coming up it needs to be sent in for repair. Wonderful, barley over a year old.

I tried initializing it which resets it to the factory settings but no luck. I did charge both batteries last night so hoping something to do with them.

It seems they were not done with me as the video I though I was getting was nowhere to be found. Even though the record light was on nothing was being recorded.

Some days they seem to happen so often there is nothing I can do and I just laugh as it seems so hilarious it could be a sitcom script.

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