I’m Back

All those that thought I had died and gone to heaven, at least that is where I hope to go would have been mistaken. I just have been busy and my old brain did not think it had anything worth talking about and it may be right.

This spring and summer have been a disaster with nothing but wet and gloomy weather. This morning June 17th woke up to more clouds and a temp of 10C. Summer will be gone before it even gets here.


I have been keeping busy as I took over the OPAL Oxford People Against The Landfill web page and completely redesigned and rebuilt it. Now bright and cheery with tons of information and stuff to download. Still look after the Ontario Southland Railway, Fostoria RailPark and Oxford Trails Council as well as my own web page so keeps me busy. file29

Terry Parker, well know wildlife photographer also asked me to create a web page where he could showcase he great photos. Been working on it for the last couple of weeks and after some changes and redesign it is just about done. Take a few minutes and have a look at his great photos. It can be seen HERE.

I also have been slowed down by a health scare but by the end of July should be good to go and resume my regular activity. I look at it as a minor inconvenience and it could have been so much worse so am not complaining.

Still chasing trains, not catching many but enjoying photographing and doing videos. My YouTube channel now has over 4200 subscribers and 3000 videos. I enjoy doing them and trying to make each one better than the last one. My greb photo page has over 12,000 photos and is used by many when searching for photos. I have had a number published in magazines and other publication so I guess and doing something right. One might be blown up to 15 feet for the background of a display in a museum which I think is pretty cool. Southern Ontario Railway RLHH 2111 RLHH 2081 Clarence Street Brantford Ont Dec 6 2017

The greb site is hosted by a friend in North Carolina but have been unable to upload new images and unable to contact him to fix the problem. I have been using FB and other media to post them but they compress them so much I decided to build a new photo page. I have just started by posting photos taken in June and will add new pages each month.

Keeping busy is the secret to feeling young and makes life interesting. I hope all is well with you and life is good. Thanks for checking up on me.

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