Railfanning Inside

Last couple of days have been wet so decided it was time I rebuilt my stereo wall that was sitting on a antique library table. Dragged it out and took everything apart. Then I built a new shelf and put everything back together.

My 55 ” TV was sitting on the floor but is now on the top shelf. Came out pretty good and I am happy with it.


I am now nursing a sore back after lift all that furniture and stereo equipment. My amp and reel to reel are old school with huge power transformers and each weighs about 50 pounds.

Table is up for sale on Kijiji if your are interested. make me an offer.

Rain is doing a number on any fall colour shots I had planned but hopefully it will clear before they are all blown away.

Keep dry.


Winter Blahs

Is it possible to get the winter blahs even though there is nice weather outside? Lately I have seemed to slip into a routine of doing nothing. My brain keeps telling me I should mickeybe out bike riding or walking or doing something but it seems I all want to do is nothing.

Even things I like have no interest and watching reruns on TV is about all I do these days.

I am sure I will snap out of it but it seems a couple negative things in my life have taken over and pushed the other good things out-of-the-way.

Today is football Sunday so maybe that will cheer me up. Off to meet a couple of friends for coffee this morning so need to get my outside face on. 🙂

Been A While

It has been a while since my last entry as have made to week-long trips to the USA to chase trains and still recovering. Ten hour days chasing trains takes a toll on this old body but did mange to catch NKP 765 5 times when it was heading east and twice on its return trip. Here we see it rolling Bellevue Ohio Sept 26 2017

NKP 765 Bellevue Ohio Sept 26 2017

Also attended the Fostoria Rail Festival on Sept 23 which was a huge success. Weather was great and everyone had a great time. Photos can be seen HERE


Next Year we do it all again.

The weather has been great in Sept and even into Oct but one morning we will wake up to find Fall has arrived so enjoy it while you can. That is where I am heading as the rain has ended and the clouds have left. I will update more later.

Fostoria Ohio Bound

Off to Fostoria Ohio in the morning chasing the NKP 765 steam engine. Hope to catch it in Fostoria and Bellevue but will need some help from NS slowing it down or no chance to beat it to Bellevue.


Weather looks great so will stay down till Friday.

Heading back the following Thursday for the Fostoria Train Show.

Gas Prices a Scam

Gas prices 4 cents higher in Ingersoll than in Woodstock – They went up almost 20 cents overnight but will take weeks to come done if they do. Not sure what a storm in Texas has to do with gas prices in Ontario. We export 2/3 of our oil production to the US then buy it back at world prices. How long would your company stay in business doing that?

Popcorn Box Drivers

I am now convinced there are more bad drivers out there than good ones:

Here are some of the things that have created road rage:


  1. people who hits the brakes, then put on their turn signal.
  2. people who put on their turn signal half way through their turn.
  3. people who don’t know their car actually has turn signals.
  4. people who buy a pickup truck and become macho man.
  5. tailgaters, I just slow down even more.
  6. idiots who pull up beside you as traffic is merging on highways blocking you in.
  7. idiots who do the same when approaching police flashing lights or any disabled vehicle.
  8. red light runners.

I am sure you have your own favourites.

Brantford Bound

I had planned to go to London yesterday but rain clouds spoiled that so off to Brantford today to see if I can catch Southern Ontario Railway heading down Clarence Street. Last 3 times they have been a no-show so will give it another try today.

Wasp bites are slowly healing and the itching is less. Only woke me twice last night. They are still flying around the garbage bin even though the landlord has been spraying each night. I think they are far enough under that the bin need to be lifted to get at them but no way I am doing that. I guess 2 months from now they will be gone. 🙂

Summer is flying by as mid August arrives. Plan on making a USA trip next week to places where there lots of trains and don’t have to wait 3 hours for one.

Have a great summer day. Enjoy it as those ugly winter days are coming way too soon.