We Knew It Was Coming

I guess Winter has arrived and looks like the next few days we will get a good dose of reality as snow and cold temperatures move it. We should not complain as it is almost the middle of December and the positive side is we only have 4 1/2 months left.

The good side of winter is I don’t have to listen to some person who never grew up revving his loud motorcycle as he goes by my apt every 10 minutes. Also the pair across the street who are both partially deaf who sit out half the night and babble like a couple of magpies.

Did get a chance to get the first winter shots of the year with more chance in the coming days. Here we see CN 385 blasting though Ingersoll yesterday.

CN 385 CN 2243 CN 5752 CN 212 Ingersoll Ont Dec 10 2017

Now if my knees would start co-operating I could really enjoy it. The pain seems to come and go with really nothing I do aggravating it. One minute I can hardly walk, next one no pain at all. It seems there is too much fluid in the knee and air bubbles form in it and if they move to the wrong places they get crushed and that is what cause the pain. I hope it just goes away and is not a sigh of arthritis or other long-lasting problem. Ah the joys of getting old. Actually can’t think of too many right now.


I look on the positive side and it could be a lot worse so will just grin and bear it.

Time for me to limp outside and enjoy this wonderful winter day.

Have a great one.




Only Hurts When I Move

Those of us who own cars wonder every day if this is the day it will not start, make a noise we have not hurt or just plain will not run properly and it will cost us money.

Our body is no different as we get older and each day I can get out of bed by myself, go to the bathroom by myself and everything seems to be working I am very grateful, anything after that is a bonus.

Well a couple of days ago my knees were aching so bad had to get up and take a couple Tylenol to get back to sleep. I was not concerned as damp weather plays hell with old joints and bones and make then feel like somebody replaced the cartilage with sandpaper.

Monday I got up and could hardly walk as the pain in the inside of both knees mad me wince with every step. paininkneeeMore Tylenol and the pain eased a bit but it has now been happening for about  3 or 4 days. What do do? Of course head to the Internet and some self diagnose of the problem.

I found this ” Pain from pes anserine bursitis is located on the inside of the knee, just below the joint. Bursitis usually develops as the result of overuse or constant friction and stress on the bursa. Pes anserine bursitis is common in athletes, particularly runners.

Oh well now I understand  but wait my body is that of a fine tuned athlete  but running is a no no after defying gravity last year while doing it. Looks like rest and quit doing what caused it is the cure but no idea what caused it. Guess I will grin and bear and and stock up on Tylenol.

Headed to Brantford yesterday to catch Southern Ontario Railway cruising down Clarence Street. Not many place there is “street running” if only for 100 feet or so. One guy almost crashed in to the train and just about ran over a pedestrian, what a moron. Weather people got it right this time and clouds did not move in till around 1 PM. Winds were about 40 mph which made it feels like -15F but I dressed warm and no problems. Day worked out great with some good photos and video.

Southern Ontario Railway RLHH 2111 RLHH 2081 Clarence Street Brantford Ont Dec 6 2017

Here is the video:  

Hope you enjoy it.

Have a super day.

Did Not Hurt Too Much

I had to take the HHR in for some work and always get nervous as to how much it will cost as no more of “it was just a little bolt loose ” repairs. Most garages are about $80 an hour so even minor repairs can get expensive.  I have been taking my vehicle it to CTC in Woodstock for about 20 years and always had great service and no surprises as they always provide a quote on major repairs in and a lot of cases come in below.  2009 HHRJoe and Dan really seem to care and I am confident they only do what is necessary and stand behind their work. I was figuring on about $400 and even with an oil change got out of there for less than $200. 🙂  Had the bushings on both stabilizer arms replaced and some minor front end work. No noise and feels like a new car. Thanks Guys

Tomorrow might take another trip to Brantford to see if I can catch Southern Ontario Railway rolling down Clarence Street. Weather shows sun and clouds but clear till around 2 PM so will see what happens and if they show up this time.


Not sure how long the line will be in service so have to get photos and video while it is. If they are not running stops along the way and at Paris might supply some action.

Have a good day and enjoy as the ugly stuff is coming. 🙂

Stick My Finger Out.

You would think with all the technology at their fingertips the weather people could at least get the next day correct. Forecast was for a sunny Saturday but when I woke up and had planned to head trackside I was greeted by dull and overcast skies that two hours  later are still the same.


I guess I will go back to the “stick my finger out the door” to see what today feels like.

At least today the HERO Gold Tournament is on with Tiger Woods back playing after almost a year off. He looked good and was leading a number of times and ended round 2 just 3 shots back.  He sure adds excitement to golf as you always know he is capable of an amazing shot. He even makes pars exciting. He looks great and if his back continues to improve many more great shots can be coming.Tiger Woods

I know he has had problems in the past but being thrown into the limelight like he was and having millions thrown at him it could have happened to anyone. He has paid dearly for his mistakes and I watch because of his golf magic. While in the Bahama’s he is staying on his private yacht so life is pretty good. I hope he does well and we can see more great golf from him.

I was always a duffer and am amazed at what he and the others can do on the course. Coverage starts at 12:30.

Have a great day.


I Should Have Stayed in Bed

Last night the CP Christmas Holiday Train rolled though the Woodstock area and my efforts to capture video and some photos was an exercise in frustration.


No problem as it stays overnight in London so usually go there in the morning and catch it leaving.


Last night charged all the camera and scanner batteries and checked the CP schedule to see it was due in Chatham at 2:45 so figured it would leave at about 12:30. Next checked the weather and rain was forecast but looked like it would be through London by noon so would work out well as an overcast day would show off the lights. Everything good to go and out the door about 10:15 and headed to London. It has just started to sprinkle but that was good as the shower would pass through before the train left. Headed out confident I would be able to get some photos and video as it left.

Reality Check

The rain picked up as I neared London but still confident my planning would work out. I arrived in London about 11 am in case they left early and cruised by the CP yard and the train was there. Too bad CP has a habit of hiding it in the middle of the yard so only a few glimpses were possible and no chance for a photo. umbrellaOff I went to the location where I planned to catch as it headed to Chatham. The rain was now fairly heavy and would play tease with me as it  slowed up and almost stopped only to start again. I had the scanner tuned to the CP main channel as I thought they would call to get a clearance to leave London. In the past always heard them talk to the RTC so I knew when they were about to leave.

It looked like the rain was not going to go away so moved to another location where I could open the back hatch of the HHR and shoot from inside. Sat there for about an hour but no sign of them leaving and no chatter on the radio. I set up the video and SLR and was prepared as soon as I heard it coming.

It was now 1:00 pm and they had not left or called for a TOP (train occupancy permit) and the rain was still coming down but knew it would be soon. To my horror I glanced in the side view mirror and the Christmas Train was and almost by me.. angry-person-clip-art-Anger-ManagementI jumped out of the car but had no time to get a photo or any video and just stood there in the rain cursing as it rolled by. I guess they got their clearance using the cell and because London is a no whistle zone they did not blow at the two crossing just before where I was located. All that planning and I came home without taking a single photo or a second of video. 😦

Murphy”s Law  seemed to be in play as about 10 minutes after I missed the train, the rain stopped as if programmed.

As they say, there is always next year I hope. Headed to McD’s to have a coffee and let my blood pressure return to normal. Did stop in at Forest City Surplus and found some batteries on sale so not a total wash out.

“All You Need Is Love”………NOT

Our sad excuse for a PM is the perfect specimen for a poster for “birth control” pills or for not doing cocaine while you are pregnant. His latest drug induced idea’s of improving Canada will make us more of a laughing-stock that we are already. Bad enough giving millions to terrorists and other threats to Canada but it never ends.

Schools Out – Photo Opp

The week started out with him flying north to meet with FN’s to apologize again for the Canadian government and drop off a $50 MILLION cheque to the Indians for the residential school disaster. Yes it was bad but lets move on. Harper apologized in 2008 and again in 2014 so what does this moron think he is doing apologizing again.  Funny thing it will happen AGAIN as some chiefs said it was not enough. canadaapolgizesWe pour many millions into the reservations every year and nothing change. Where is the accountability and where will this $50 MILLION disappear to probably or down the black hole the rest does. Next on their hit list is the Pinery provincial Park and wynbag or trudope does nothing. They already destroyed Ipperwash and will keep taking as long as we let the. The siege of Caledonia has gone on for over 10 years and cost taxpayers of almost $300 MILLION. It has to stop. Where is John Wayne when you need him?

Closet Politics – Yes Another Photo Opp

That is nothing next to this one that must have come out of a night of pot smoking and “closet sex” of expunging all records of anyone arrested in the past for having “closet sex with anyone or anything that was against the law back in the “good old days”. If that is not bad enough he is going to pay compensation of $100 MILLION to those who had their feelings hurt but wait, only if you were a Federal employee. I can see it now as every province is forced do to like wise as Provincial workers want their share of the money. If you are not one of them there are many lawyers who will be glad to take your money.

trudeaugayI sure as hell did not pay taxes and agree to have for any of it to go to either of these groups. I paid it for health care, hospitals, roads and infrastructure and things that help all Canadians not just a few.  Throw in the 50,000 refugees who are living off my taxes and a BILLION or so going to a few and the rest of us can just fend for ourselves. Today is the era of the “all your need is love” or at least till somebody kills you or blows you up. Sure did wonders for John Lennon. 😦

I wonder how the money will be split up? Will you have to provide a record of the when you escaped the closet and how many times you were asked to “get off that thing” to figure out payment. Lawyers all just had “wet dreams” as they realize how much business this will bring them. Here is one solution I can live with and would not mind spending a few dollars on.

Pot Pity – No Cameras Allowed Here

Okay his juvenile way of thinking that only somebody born with a golden shovel up his rectum and never had a real job can think brings up this question.SS_Marijuana_products_paper

Since pot will be legal next year can we now expect everyone who was arrested and has a record for smoking pot be let out of jail, have their record expunged and since there area lot for of them I think $500 MILLION should cover their compensation. If I was in that group (I smoked and grew it but never got caught) I would be putting together a class action law suit to be treated like the gay community. What is fair for the goose is far for the gander even if they have normal sex.

Does he think he can walk on water, right all the wrongs of that past and hug and kiss himself to win another election? To me both of these moves are just “vote-buying” tactics disguised as a feel good and selfie opportunity using taxpayers hard-earned dollars.

We need to take back Canada before we and our kids see it disintegrate into something we didn’t ask for, don’t recognize and definitely will not like.

White Minority

First it was every show, advertisement and leads story had to have a gay person in it to be political correct.

Now NFL players are refusing to respect the USA flag and are sitting or kneeling to show their support of the plight of black people. That backfired as advertisers complained and people stayed away or turned off NFL games.blacknflkneel

In a feeble attempt to write a wrong they now run ads with NFL payers and armed forces personnel together and holding special events at the games in an attempt to right the ship.

I like football and watched a couple of games yesterday and was amazed how advertisers are now falling over each other to make themselves “visually black”

Here is a list of advertisers that ran all black ads, ads with white girls and black boyfriends or mixed raced families. Even Walmart now uses rap (not music) as the background in their ads. I think we have gone past the tipping point.

Taco Bell
T mobile

Throw in the number of all black cast TV shows and that 70% of the NFL & NBA are black and I think they don’t have a lot to complain about. If these millionaire actors and sports players feel so bad about the situation in some neighbourhood why are they not stepping up and donating half of their salaries to fix them up? blackishTalk is cheap and taking a knee will not make it go away. Force feeding us on “black” media will do nothing and is just lip service by TV, companies and advertisers to make it look like they actually care. Maybe take some of those advertising dollars and build housing, playgrounds and help those that need it. Just the cost of one ad on the Superbowl would do wonders to one of these neighbourhoods.

Of course these areas need to break the hold gangs have on them and get rid of the violence, crime and drug problems or no amount of money will do a thing to make their lives better.

I guess it is better to blame others or play the race card than actually admit a major part of the problem is from within. I hope the First Nations in Canada are listening.

Just my observations but in today’s world I will be labeled a racist  as it seems that is the response when you disagree with anything to do with a minority even if it is correct.

It now seems minorities now make the rules for the majority and free speech is slowing disappearing.

The sad part is many think this is a good thing. 😦